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Faith Related Q and A
» Can you tell me who wrote the books of the New Testament? I looked on Google but want to cross reference with what WELS says. Thanks.
» In Numbers 27:21 the Lord commands Moses to command Joshua, Israel's new leader, to inquire of the Urim. I looked in the People's Bible but there was no explanation there. I googled it but felt a bit unsure about trusting what I would find there, so I turned to WELS.net I would appreciate having more information about it. Thank you.
» If I am a photographer and I was asked to photograph a gay or lesbian wedding, what is the right thing to do?
» Is Article XVIII of the Augsburg Confession - about free will - specifically talking about libertarian free will? If so, how is that compatible with divine providence, if no event can occur outside God's control?
» Do we know from Scripture whether Jesus himself returns to usher dying believers home to heaven in the days between his Ascension and his final return on the Last Day? As I think about this more, I suppose this could even be an idle question, as being "ushered" to heaven may not even be the reality of what happens, but rather only a manner of speaking about a believer leaving this life and entering eternal life. Perhaps there is actually no "ushering" involved, as when a believer closes their eyes in death they simply find yourself in the presence of the Lord in heaven. Thanks for any help you can offer. I'm just curious as to how we should speak (according to Scripture) about the "ushering" into heaven of believers who die between Christ's Ascension and his return for Judgment.
» Is it okay to lie to someone to avoid hurting their feelings? For example if someone ask me if I like their outfit and I say yes, when actually I don't like it, is that a lie? Or if someone states an opinion on something that has to do with politics or religion and I agree, when I actually don't agree, is that lying?
» Will the dead face end times? Then why should we be afraid, since we will die before end times?
» I have given some thought of supporting St. Jude Hospital. This is a way that I can help children that are sick and can be healed from cancer. We are told to take care of the sick. I know that Jude was one of the disciples. What is your thought on supporting this cause?
» I know WELS and other confessional Lutherans don't ordain practicing homosexuals. But I wonder if confessional Lutherans would ordain persons who have homosexual temptations yet live a chaste life. What about a bisexual man who is married to a woman, yet repents daily of his homosexual thoughts and struggles against it like he does with his heterosexual lust? Is this man automatically excluded from the office of the keys because of his sinful sexual desires, even if he doesn't live them out?
» What is WELS’ official position on cremation? We are faced with opposition based on feelings that we are doomed to hell upon cremation of our remains. We don't agree, as we have read documents from LCMS and other conservative groups that cremation is an "option.” We hold to the feelings of Christ's return, and our bodies will be raised regardless if buried in a casket or in an urn. We believe in Christ’s return! He will take charge of our remains regardless of how they appear. Thank you for your prayerful thoughts.
If you died and God stopped you at the gate to heaven and asked, “Why should I let you in?” -- what would your answer be?
What God Demands
God demands perfection -- no more and no less -- because he is perfect and just. God created us to be perfect too. Since Adam and Eve, people are born imperfect and live far less than perfect. But since God is the same, the requirement of perfection remains the same. We may not like
that requirement, but God is God. He makes the rules.
What God Sees
As much as we'd like to deny or hide it, no one can claim to be perfect -- without sin. We'd like to believe that we are but, if we're honest, even our own hearts won't let us get away with that lie. Our Ways of Coping with that Truth Our hearts don't want to believe we're sinful, that there's something wrong with us, and we'll try anything to avoid admitting it. Trying to balance the bad things we do with good things, promising to do better next time, and comparing our lives with others may make us feel better for a time, but they don't solve the problem!

God Has Provided the Solution! 
God's remedy centers on a person. That person is God's own Son, Jesus. The Bible tells us that Jesus was God from all eternity, but that he became a human being. But Jesus was unlike any other human being. He never sinned in any way. Yet he was put to death. We're told why. "The Lord has laid on him the iniquity (sin) of us all." (Isaiah 53:6) In the same way, Jesus' perfection, righteousness, was credited to us. "God made him who had no sin, to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God." (2 Corinthians 5:21)

If you died and God stopped you at the gate to heaven and asked, “Why should I let you in?” The answer is because of Jesus! Jesus died for my sins. He was punished for them, not me. I have been declared not guilty through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus!

This priceless gift which God has provided for all and that he gives through faith in Jesus Christ is the starting point for our life in him, with him, and for him. It is in this grace of God that we live and grow. Everything we do now, we strive to do out of thankfulness for what he has done. We can't earn his love or make him love us any more than he already does! As his Holy Spirit continues his work in us through Word and Sacraments, we experience more and more the blessings of God: freedom from guilt, power for godly living, answers to prayer, and guidance for life. This is life -- God's kind of life. This is peace with God through Jesus. And he gives it to you.
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