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Do you need help?
The pastor’s office is always open for anyone seeking answers, comfort, or guidance from God’s Word. You may reach him at 262-204-8193. Never let your problems, particularly pertaining to marriage, continue too long. Let the pastor help you in finding an answer to your problems from God’s Word. But remember, he can only aid those who are ready to listen to the Word of God. He can only help those who want to be helped.
  • When You are Hospitalized: When you enter the hospital, please notify the pastor. He will be very glad to visit you. Do not depend on the hospital to do this for you. The pastor will be unable to make any visitations or offer any prayers if you have not informed him of the situation.
  • When Death Occurs in Your Family: If the pastor was not present at the time of a death in your family, he should be notified of this death as soon as possible. At such a time the pastor will make every effort to visit with you and help you find comfort in the words and promises of God our Savior, who has conquered death.

    The pastor will also do all he can to help make funeral service arrangements (selecting hymns, organist, etc.). Please do not make any service arrangements until you have spoken with the pastor.
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